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"Time of Remembrance"

WHS '59 - 60th Class Reunion
June 20 through June 22, 2019

To all those of you who attended the 60th Reunion, I hope it was as pleasant, memorable, and fun as we all hoped it would be.

You know, several people at the ‘open mic’ at the Saturday dinner, spoke of the uniqueness of our class in gathering as frequently, and in such numbers, as we do at these class reunions. And maybe the Washburn Class of 59 is unique. But none of our class reunions would have happened without the ongoing hard work of a few dedicated class members who plan and put these gatherings together. (and I’m not speaking of myself here – I just show up and play the piano !)

So, heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the Reunion Committee and their attendant workers for making our 60th a big success !

As I mentioned at that ‘open mic’ segment after dinner on Saturday night, if there are classmates (in or out of state) who are not on this coffee list but would like to be included for ongoing missives and announcements (not all of them funereal ), please send me their email addresses and I’ll include them on my list.

Thanks – and best wishes to you all     Bill Wangensteen

The Reunion Committee for the future will be Nancy Hallman Pinzka, Chair; Lorna Plowman Best, Correspondence; George Christoferson, Treasurer, and the following committee members: Jenneane Kunitz Anderson, Dick Bergman, Bonnie Nordstrom Frane, Peter Landmark, Mary Mammen, Paul Neuville, Larry Rennerfeldt, Jim Rummel, Jim Rustad, Rolf Svendsen, Kay Thomas, Bill Wangensteen.

The Reunion committee really appreciates everyone who contributed to the success of reunion 60.


2018 Scholarship Award recipients

2018 Scholarship Winners

Pictured left to right:
George Christoferson, Francisco Quiterio, Mikoto Dyer, Rolf Svendsen.

We need all the photos of the Reunion that will be available.
For information on how and where to send your photos
after to 60th Reunion Party is over
Click Here.

To Send Us Information or If You Have Questions
Contact Us -- CLick Here

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We hope you had a great time at the Reunion!
See you our 80th Birthday Party!

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